The Rub on Clean and Green

100 acres is a lot of land. If we used all of it we could really feed a lot of people. But what if you had just room for a few raised garden beds (or even one)? Over the years we’ve dabbled in the growing arena. Some years growing a few veg, and consistently planting fruit trees wherever we reside. It wasn’t until last year, however that we realised how this could easily and effectively change our lives.

There’s been some press on the subject, but if you’re interested read more by Zac Bush (on Glyphosate usage) or research chemical pesticide use in commercial fruit and veg. It’s kind of scary! That said, we live in this modern world too. While we don’t want to encourage our body into toxin overload and autoimmune issues we’d like to do something to make some baby steps that way. And you can too.

We started by looking up the “dirty dozen” and “clean 15” on the wide world inter-webs. (Because let’s face it, it’s wild and wide.) If you search those terms you’ll find more info about what fruit and veg are less pesticide laden. This is good! It means you don’t have to break the bank to buy “organic” everything (though wouldn’t that be nice) and you can start taking some little easy steps toward living a cleaner life and ensuring better longevity.

Basically, a lot of “thick skinned” fruit and veg are a bit safer from pesticide. (After all we peel them!) But if you are eating the peel, or you’re pulling that delectable delight from the ground then you want to make sure it’s clean and free from nasties.

What do you do about those dirty dozen is up to you. Do you dig a bit of dirt and grow a few potatoes and onions or do you check out your local organic farmer’s market stall or grocer.

If you want to try one of our fresh Gracefield spring onions (fresh from the organic and pesticide free garden beds) just ask! We can let you know what’s up with growing them and the down low on clean food.

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