A Change Ahead

Have you enjoyed shopping for food in the last 6 weeks? I haven’t been to a grocery store for over 6 weeks. Yes, it’s fair to say we got a bit prepared prior to the lock downs over the country. Yes, it’s also true that one of us has been out for the odd necessity, but mostly we are self sufficient.

I know some people love shopping. Shopping of any kind. While I enjoy creativity and seeing goodness out in the world in all forms I don’t love the time wasting, house fillings, brain taxing and excessiveness of what has become “regular routine”. What we need had slowly evolved to what looks nice to have.

Commerce and business is good! We run a business, and know many other business owners that add much value to the world in what they do and contribute. But what we’ve found lately is just how little we need and how resilient we can actually be in these times and ahead.

At Gracefield Farm we are learning as we grow. The summer we had our first year of fruit off our fruit trees and are still collecting some late blooming tomatoes. But this is just the beginning. This season of stillness has been the perfect push for me to read, experiment and get innovative.

I’ve learned to how maximise every item we have at hand and every item we grow. I’ve discovered what we use and like to eat and found ways to keep that sustainable. (Did you know there’s an easy way to make your own yogurt? Game changer!)

I’ve learned that storing our own homegrown goodness is useful for easy meal prep later and a fantastic thing to share and trade with others. (Just like our grandparents!)

Most poignant is that I have realised the confidence of being independent from food scares and knowing where my food comes from all while still remaining connected to my community.

My takeaway? Grow one thing. A herb? A fruit tree? Start there. Save the excess. Trade the extras. You’ll start your own revolution.

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