Gracefield Blog

Moving Forward

As we write this, the beautiful city of Melbourne makes it’s first steps towards reopening. It’s been along haul for all of Victoria. We are all ready to move forward and you can’t take the smiles off our faces!. We … Read More

Rocking Out With Trumpet Squash – The Recipe

When I first viewed this crazy squash I had no ideas rather than the usual suspect-roasting. This would be a waste however, because after a summer of growing these interesting veg I have found they work fantastically well in soup! … Read More

A Change Ahead

Have you enjoyed shopping for food in the last 6 weeks? I haven’t been to a grocery store for over 6 weeks. Yes, it’s fair to say we got a bit prepared prior to the lock downs over the country. … Read More

The Rub on Clean and Green

100 acres is a lot of land. If we used all of it we could really feed a lot of people. But what if you had just room for a few raised garden beds (or even one)? Over the years … Read More

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